The UpComing Graphic Novel: Giggle Sticks

We are in the process of re-designing this site. What started out as a gag-a-day strip has now blossomed into a graphic novel complete with fully developed characters and a storyline. Since I am working on a 100 page story, to be compiled into a book called Giggle Sticks, so it’s not as much a web comic as it is now a long form comic. The site is going to be redesigned to reflect the fact that this is no longer a gag-a-day strip but a full fledged graphic novel. All the cartoons will be posted to my Twitter feed for the time being. the cartoons will be compiled into a graphic novel to be released in 2017. My Twitter feed is: @PotToonsCA


Everybody, please follow @PotToonsCA and my main Twitter account @Astorix23 and my outsider art Twitter account @AstorsArt and I always follow back.


for now, enjoy!

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Giggle sticks
Giggle sticks